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3D printing

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With the onset of more remote/hands off operation for astrophotography, brought about by the use of software such as NINA, there has become a need for every scope to have remote/auto focusing, etc. That in turn leads to the use of technology such as the arduino, which results in the need for special boxes/fittings, etc. Now many such items can be crafted using metal and converting standard plastic boxes, it soon becoms obvious that there is perhaps a better way. Hence 3D printing.

My first step was to buy the Anet 8 kit. This enable me to move someway up the learning curve, and whist the output was reasonable, I felt the need to improve. So during the latter part of the 2020 lockdown period, I invested in the Ender 5 Pro. This unit has proved to be reliable, giving good quality components. I believe this is partly down to the 4-poster bed type structure.

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