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Kernow Astronomers

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Kernow Astronomers

I am a member of a local astronomical society - KernowAstronomers (KA).

KA meets at St Columb Major School, which is situated about midway between Newquay and Wadebridge, here in Cornwall.

We meet twice a month in the winter months - on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings and only on the 3rd Thursdays in the summer months. The reason for this is that the 1st Thursdays are primarily aimed at practical things, with observing taking precedence is skies allow and during BST it is usually still light when our meetings close at 10pm.

However we make up for the loss of the club night in the summer by organising weekend events, such as trips to the many stone circles that abound in Cornwall (trying to ascertain any astro connections!!), meteor watches and of course the occasional barbecue.

KA members also attend various conferences around the country and are regulars at the FAS Annual Convention and the BAA Winchester Weekend.

When trips away are organised great care is taken with selecting places to stop and eat - so much so it has been suggested our name should be changed to Kernow Gastronomers!!!

Further information on our activities can be found here:
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