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Astro Kit
Skywatcher 250P Quattro Astrograph
This 250mm f4 wide filed scope when used with OSC camera and narrowband filters is ideal for imaging deep sky objects in the rather poor sky conditions that prevail at the DWO. Guiding is achieved using an ASI120Mini camera and ASI OAG.
The SWEV50/camera means that even wider field images can be taken simultaneously.
Celestron C9.25
This SCT scope is used primarily for planetary/lunar/spectroscopy work. A Williams Optics focusser allows for fine focussing without mirror slop.
Skywatcher ED72 DS-Pro
This scope is fitted with a field flattener and is proving to give superb images in conjuction with the ASI294MC-Pro or ASI533MC-Pro cameras. Particularly when these cameras are fitted with the Optolong L-eNhance or L-eXtreme tri-band filters.
Skywatcher Evoguide ED50
This short focal length scope is fitted with a field flattenner and is great for wide field. Here it is fitted with the ASI294MC-Pro camera.
Altair Astro 6" Ritchey Chretien
This scope is usually used on either an alt-az or equitorial mount fpr outreach such as star parties for schools, scouts and other community groups..
Orion ED80
This scope is excellent for imaging. It has been fitted with a Moonlight focuser and is generally used for the mid-range targets in deep space.
Williams Optics 66mm Petzval
The scope is small and light and is used mainly for 'grab and go' and is usually used on a light tripod.

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