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Astro Equipment
Celestron C9.25 
This SCT scope is used primarily for planetary/lunar/spectroscopy work. This scope is mounted on a Losmandy dovetail plate, allowing quick installation on the mount. A Williams Optics focusser allows for fine focussing without mirror slop.
Altair Astro 6" Ritchey Chretien 
This scope has a wide range of uses. It can mount independently or alongside the C925 on the mount in the dome. It is also used on either an alt-az or equitorial mount at star parties.
Orion ED80 
This scope is excellent for imaging. It has had little used in recent times as activites have concentrated on spectroscopy and other things.
Williams Optics 66mm Petzval 
The scope is small and light and is used mainly for 'grab and go' and is usually used on a light tripod.

Unfortunately this telescope has now been lost :-( 
It went missing after a star party.
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